West End High School
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Principal's message

The West End High School. A wing of Women In Social Action- an Ngo,committed to the uplift of the people especially the under privileged tribal’s got off to a start with the avowed aim of working in the interior most villages of the bordering areas of west Bengal, Bihar and Orissa.

Staying connected with the people, we found that West End High School is the best way to reach them. Our findings confirmed the fact that poor language skills and incapacity to communicate are the problems at large of the students of this reason. Thus we have made English our medium of instruction. Language-learning with an emphasis on communicative functional approach would develop their competence and creativity to the fullest extent.

We have found through various formal and non formal education projects that talented young students are deprived of an excellent career only because they are not fluent in English. We at the West End High School are thus determined to teach them communication skill in a scientific way through the medium of English.

As the medium of instruction is English, considerable care and caution is being taken to help the students develop the skills of learning English correct pronunciation and conversational perfection is what we seek to impart to our children who in their formative stage would feel encouraged to learn with a passion. In this era of careerism and cut throat competition in various professional spheres both communicative and creative English have a wider acceptability in modern times.

In his outstanding work Imaging India Nandan  Nilekani most pertinently remarks the door of employment opportunities would be left wide open to the English Knowing people particularly in this age of globalization.

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